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  • Team Solomon

    Joan and Jack Solomon were separated for almost a year when they were finally reunited at Riverview Health Centre. They had both been waiting for beds, and within a few weeks, they were both accepted into Riverview in rooms across the hall from each other.  This hardly happens. Their daughter,... Read more »

  • Pedalling Hope: Dee Dee’s Journey of Volunteerism at RHCF

    After his triple bypass and heart valve replacement in 2006, Dee Dee Budgell-Short’s husband suffered a massive stroke. This was when he first went to Riverview Health Centre where he was told he had a year to live. He lived another 11 years. In 2017, he went back to Riverview,... Read more »

  • From Tragedy to Triumph

    Biking has always been a passion of Kevin’s.  Long distance rides help to calm and center Kevin. As he headed out on September 17, 2021, he was looking forward to the ride from Winnipeg to Buffalo Point, in southern Manitoba and back.  The day was perfect. His ride took a... Read more »

  • Why person directed living is a game changer

    Riverview's shift towards person directed living is building a sense of community and support from patients, residents, staff, and families, many of whom are praising the visionary approach to shared decision-making and goal-setting.

    A resident and his wife smile for a photo.
  • Enhancing palliative care comfort with new Broda Chairs

    The average person may never have heard of a Broda Chair before, but they are a staple in the Palliative Care Unit here at Riverview Health Centre and many other Palliative Care Units. A Canadian company designed Broda Chairs to provide safety, mobility, and essential comfort. They are like a... Read more »

    One of the new Broda chairs facing an old Broda Chair.