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Biking has always been a passion of Kevin’s.  Long distance rides help to calm and center Kevin. As he headed out on September 17, 2021, he was looking forward to the ride from Winnipeg to Buffalo Point, in southern Manitoba and back.  The day was perfect.

His ride took a terrible turn just north of the floodway bridge on his way home.  Out of nowhere, he was struck by a vehicle.

Kevin has no memory of the accident or the following 6 weeks he was in HSC Winnipeg.  Although he was wearing a bike helmet his injuries were extensive.  He had multiple breaks in his left arm, his ribs, his vertebrae, he had a dislocated right hip and he had a significant brain injury.

His wife, Mireille chuckles when she thinks back to that time.  “The first question he asked me was “Who won the election?” (the federal election was held on September 20,2021 that year)

When Kevin was transferred to Riverview Health Centre on October 28, he could not move or eat solid food.  He had to be transferred from the stretcher to his bed using a mechanical lift (Hoyer Lift).  He was 100% dependent on others for all aspects of his care.

He remembers his first thoughts being “What a nice room” as he began a long road to recovery and gaining the independence he had lost.

“I remember feeling calm and I took each day as they came, doing what needed to be done” Kevin recalls.  His family was there to support him every day.  Mireille took a leave of absence from work and his son and daughter both in high school at the time were hopeful but unsure of what the future would look like.

Kevin’s rehabilitation started slowly at first, solid foods were reintroduced gradually and he met with the rehabilitation team to map out his goals and what his road back to independence would look like.

Due to the number of broken bones that Kevin had as a result of the accident, the doctors had restricted Kevin from putting weight on his legs.  In mid-November Kevin received the ok from his doctor to put weight on his left leg.  To Kevin this meant a freedom he had not had for two months.  He spent as much time as he could walking, with the help of a walker, throughout Riverview.

Because of donors like you, the Rehabilitation team at Riverview Health Centre have the tools they need to provide exceptional care to patients, like Kevin. What an incredible gift – thank you!

December 9 stands out to Kevin as he had to go back to the doctor to have him look at his right hip, which had been dislocated in the accident.  The prognosis was that he would need it replaced but the recommendation was for Kevin to continue his recovery before the surgery could be done.  The doctor told Kevin that he could now put weight on his right leg and he should get on the stationary bike as part of his rehabilitation.

This lit a fire in Kevin’s belly.  Back on a bike…doctor’s orders…he was thrilled. That day he set a goal for himself; he wanted to ride in the 2022 Riverview Health Centre Foundation’s Cycle on Life.  

“The support from the staff and my family kept me motivated.  I can not say enough about the care team at Riverview.  Everyone provides top-notch care, the rehabilitation team, nurses, doctors, health care aides, kitchen and cleaning team members, they are all amazing.”

Kevin was discharged on December 23, 2021, able to walk with only the use of a cane.  He was able to navigate his way around his house and could get up and down the stairs on his own as well. 

Most importantly, he was able to sit around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning with his kids, something that he had never missed since they were born.  Christmas 2021 was just a little sweeter though and the entire family was grateful.

Kevin and his extended family and friends were delighted to form team “Flat Tired and a Spare” and enter the 2022 Cycle on Life, which was held on September 11, just 6 days shy of the one-year anniversary of his accident.

Kevin and his team, many came from out of town, rode the 65 km ride down to St. Adolphe with joy and gratefulness, for all of their blessings and what the care team at Riverview had provided Kevin.  The opportunity to ride again.

Donors like you help to ensure that patients like Kevin have an enriching experience at Riverview through the support of equipment, programs, and activities that help to rebuild the body and mind.