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The average person may never have heard of a Broda Chair before, but they are a staple in the Palliative Care Unit here at Riverview Health Centre and many other Palliative Care Units.

A Canadian company designed Broda Chairs to provide safety, mobility, and essential comfort. They are like a cross between lounge chairs and wheelchairs in that they have wheels and can move easily. Unlike the average wheelchair, Broda Chairs can recline and are very comfortable. The chairs offer postural alignment, pressure relief and secure seating, which makes them an excellent addition to the 3E Palliative Care Unit.

3E did have Broda Chairs previously, but they are well used, including by other department at Riverview when not needed on 3E. Over time, the old chairs became irreparable, so the Riverview Health Centre Foundation, with the help of our generous donors, purchased three new chairs in 2023.

So far, the staff are seeing the benefits of the new chairs for the patients they care for.

The chairs are great for patients who are restless and dealing with a lot of discomfort, the chairs allow for adjustment to find that “sweet spot” where people can get comfortable. Cally Say, Health Care Aide explains that patients can sit or lie comfortably in the Broda Chair and stay close to the nursing station to be monitored, which is excellent for both the resident and the nurses.

“The new chairs are a lot lighter and are easier to steer,” said Kayla Vanderwees, Registered Nurse who works on the unit. She explained that mobility is essential for these chairs as the staff must easily navigate the rooms and hallways with patients.

Isabel Shuttleworth, Health Care Aide who works with Kayla, agrees that the new chairs are an excellent addition to the unit. Isabel has noticed how comfortable the new chairs are for patients and appreciates how secure they are, so patients can’t hurt themselves trying to get out without assistance.

Comfort can mean a peaceful rest or even the ability to have a meaningful visit with friends and family. The impact that donor support has on patients in palliative care is incredible.