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Watching TV is often seen as a bad thing or a waste of time. However, watching TV has many benefits (in moderation, of course). Watching TV has benefits for mental health, including escapism, empathy, emotional catharsis, decreased loneliness, and can even be a way to bond.

The Riverview Health Centre Foundation recently supplied funding for new TVs on our rehabilitation floors. The residents of these floors are recovering from stroke or an acquired brain injury and often spend long days in rehabilitation and focusing on their recovery.

Lisa Bass, a resident of one of the units who received new TVs, said she couldn’t imagine not having them. “It’s always on; without the TV, my days would be pretty boring.” The new TVs are smart; Lisa says this is great because she can always find something to watch during her free time. Even if nothing interesting is on live, she can log into her Netflix account or YouTube and find something interesting.

Before the new TVs, the unit had the same ones for over 15 years, and they were beginning to break down. The TVs were requested because staff on the units believed they would improve the quality of life for the patients by allowing them to enjoy their favourite programming on evenings and weekends when not in therapy. Watching programs helps pass their days and makes the environment feel more homelike.

Grant Thiessen, another patient, loves his TV. In the hospital before arriving at Riverview, the TVs in the room were tiny, and he was almost better off just watching on a mobile phone. At Riverview, he can watch TV with his daughter and son when they visit him.

“I like the size of the TVs and the smart features. With the TVs in our rooms, we don’t have to go to the family room or even leave our room to watch a sports game.”

Riverview Health Centre and the Riverview Health Centre Foundation believe in creating a comfortable, homelike environment for patients, residents, and clients. Because of generous donations, we can go the extra mile and provide exceptional care.